Minotaur costume and face for Dave Made A Maze film
I designed and built many goofy things for this amazing dorky film.
The ever-growing art department made the origami birds and drapes.  I hoped the faces and bondage gear complimented the gorgeous hairdo on the actor, with Costumer Daniel Selon and art team

Wat Tambor Star Wars Episode 2 Attack of the Clones

Zam Weisel  design with Ed Nativitad + Lucas Star Wars EP2

w/Doug Chiang + Tony McVey
Megamind film

 Sculpt/paint sketch design w/ George and San Jun Lee -  Star Wars Ep3
Design w/ GWL Star Wars 2 Attack of the Clones

Cardboard Metal Snackmonsters w/ Eli Spear and Timothy Childs
Paranorman statue study
Wolfman- Collab with Iain McCaig + 
for ILM Frankenstein

Dragon twas made with thine Cardboard Institute of Technology C.I.T.

w/Doug Chiang-Tony McVey Lucasfilm

Design By Craig Kellman aft Golden Books w/ Kendall Cronkite

Art Dept. Collab

Design-Carlos Huante aft Iain Mcaig

Poke the robot cowboy from the M.D. Selig movie www.gunrunnerbillykane.com